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Friday, 24 July 2009

Circle of Friends Award.

Thank you so much Juls for passing on this award which you can see at the top of my side bar. It is the first award I have received and I am very chuffed. I have seen this on other people's blogs and it is lovely to have one of my own so thanks very much again Juls.

Now I have to pass it on to five other people. I would like to send it to: -
Judy whose work is always inspirational.
FionaJ who always makes me smile.
Judith who is sad just now.
Angela who always leaves kind comments.
Michelle cos I haven't heard from her for a wee while.

I can only send the award to five people but there are lots of people out there who inspire me and make me smile and leave me kind comments and soon this award will pass on to many more people.

I'm off now to let them know I've passed on the Circle of Friends award. Then I need to try to make a card as I've been doing housework this morning and work this afternoon so now I need to get creative. Have a good weekend everyone. Kat x


  1. Thanks so much Kat!! Much appreciated. I love the award! Will post it on thursday with my scheduled post. away tomrrow for a couple of weeks! Chat soon! Judy xx

  2. Thank you so much for this award!! My first one too!!
    Hug's Angela x


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