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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Some Easel Cards.

Just a quick post girls to prove that I'm still alive!! I've been making a few easel cards since I made my first one last week.

On Monday evening I had my Christmas meal out with the Guild. Scottish friends will probably know that this is a Church of Scotland organisation and although it is open to all, in practice usually most if not all members are female. On this occasion we had two male guests. One is a batchelor and the other was tragically widowed earlier this year. Poor lads they thought they were just out for a nice meal and a chat. But no-one told them about the entertainment. Our president is always full of fun and we had 4 teams doing a quiz, a game consisting of singing the first line of a Christmas carol. We finished by splitting into two teams and each singing a different song at the same time. We really had a great time, it was a lot funnier than it sounds and I think our two males enjoyed themselves. I'm sure if anyone had come into the hotel and wondered who was making all the noise they would not have thought it was the respectable ladies of the Guild some of whom are actually quite elderly!!

Anyway at the weekend I made the six cards below. All different in some way.

On Tuesday morning I made another six - again all different.

Lastly on Tuesday evening I made another 7 cards. Different again in some little way.

This evening so far I have not made any cards but I have prepared all the bits for another 7 cards. Hopefully then I will have enough cards!! I will still have special cards to make for my husband, son and younger daughter. I also need a birthday card for a teenage boy and 4 or 5 gift card holders. Not to mention my DT creation for Totally Gorjuss!! To crown it all I have not managed to comment on the TG challenge entries and I've heard that there are lots of entries this week. Could be a busy day tomorrow. On the bright side I totally ran out of double sided tape but my daughter very kindly brought me some when she was out shopping today.
See you tomorrow.
Kat xx


  1. Kat
    WOW!! Lovely job on all these wonderful cards! I wish I could get that many done, I've been in a slump, haha I did manage today to get the project done for Totally gorjuss so Im for once ahead of myself:-)
    Love the work on all your cards

  2. Wow you have been so busy!!!!! I see so many beautiful papers used to make your gorgeous cards, that i have left un-used!!
    I have just got ALL of the presents wrapped, a few left to do for Lucy & Philip, not enough paper?? No car to go for more as it decided to have a turn and is awaiting a part!! Arrrgh, so much left to do!!
    hugs Angela x

  3. Wow what a lot of gorgeous cards! Oh I wish I was as efficient as you obviously are, it seems to be taking me ages to get everything done! Lisa x

  4. Wow, so many wonderful cards, and easel ones at that! They're beautiful Kat!!!!
    Blessings, Maria

  5. Wow, well your deffinitly on a roll, well done Kat, Those easel card are fab, and show off your paper's so well. the way your going you will have next year's made too...lol

    I got your mail this morning, thank's.
    Now I have to remake the card I was sending you, as I left some base card's on the work surface to dry over night and when I got up I found lot's of paw print's all over, Pepsi our cat is in the dog house.lol...


  6. wow, quite the busy bee - they're all stunning Kat
    I've given up now, lol


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