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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Totally Gorjuss 216 - New

I hope this is going to work so just in case I'll make it short.

Our challenge at Totally Gorjuss this week is"New." I've chosen to make a New Home card this week. Our minister is retiring after being here for forty years.

I love this LOTV image for a New Home card.

Thanks for looking and I'll catch up later after work. It was nice to have two days off but it would have been better to have more. Next week is another short week then back to normal again. At least we won't be as busy in the Post Office now!


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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Totally Gorjuss 215 - Eek Quick Christmas Card.

Well good morning everyone. So much for being able to get online and post last week's card late on Monday. It's now Thursday evening but at least I'm early for this week's challenge!

Famous last words about having broadband by now! I think I misunderstood when I ordered it and the guy on the phone said the 16th. My welcome letter mentioned the 16th and the 23rd. Needless to say I've been too busy to phone and find out what's happening but I haven't been sent a router yet.

Hopefully by the time this posts I'll know better what's happening.

Our challenge this week at Totally Gorjuss is to make a quick Christmas card. We have two sponsors this week, The Ribbon Girl and Heather's Hobbie Haven so you have two chances to win.

So here's my super-quick card.

I used :-
Image, sentiment and Washi tape :- Stampin' Up!
Gems :- Hobby House.

I love that Santa. I think he looks like you imagine Santa should look!

I only have another one day to work before Christmas. But I don't think it'll be a pleasant one somehow. This year the DWP aren't paying out pensions and allowances very early so it means that as well as all my usual Monday customers I'll have Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday customers too. I've already had two nightmare Mondays with parcels and cards! Never mind I don't have to work on Tuesday as we close at 12,.30 and I usually start at 2pm.

Are you all organised for Christmas? I'm not sure I am! I got my last (I hope) card made on Thursday evening - for my husband!!

Thanks for looking and I'll catch up later after work if I can.

Kat xx

Monday, 16 December 2013

Totally Gorjuss 214 Special Christmas Card.

Morning everyone. Just a quick visit this morning as I'm going to work soon. Hope you feel sorry for me as this time of year in the post office is hell on earth!!

I'm only two days late with my DT post for Totally Gorjuss this week. Same old story, couldn't get online for days and now this morning I'm on no problem. I could have posted with my iPad but it has a nasty habit of putting my photos on sideways. Not a good look! Is it just me or has anyone else had this problem? Anyway here's what I made.

At least I had the presence of mind to add it to the DT blog early. Wish I'd been smart enough to add it here too to a scheduled post. While I'm here though I'm going to schedule next week's!

I used a lovely set from Stampin' Up! I just stamped onto some of their lovely card and added the sentiment coloured with Stampin' Up! markers. The gems are from the Hobby House.

I'm off to schedule next week's post now and do some Tesco online grocery shopping for Wednesday. Hopefully by this time next week I'll be back to wi-fi broadband.

Thanks for looking and I'll try to catch up later.

Kat xx

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Totally Gorjuss 213 - Anything Goes with Santa.

.Good morning everyone. I'm so pleased to be online easily! It's Friday just now so I'm not panicking at the last minute in the evening! Just lately I've been using a mixture of laptop and iPad but this week my iPad has 
been in the huff and won't get my emails or let me online! So I'm taking the chance to write this just now in the middle of the dreaded housework. I would have been happy to add the photo on the laptop and do the rest on the iPad. It's probably just me but when I add a photo on the iPad it looks fine but when I press publish the photo is on sideways!!

Anyway enough waffle! Our challenge at Totally Gorjuss is "Anything Goes with Santa." That should be easy now, shouldn't it? After all it is nearly Christmas! We're sponsored by The Hobby House and I'm sure you can find something in their store to spend your winnings on!

Look at the easy card I made.

I used :-
Image and sentiment :- Stampin' Up!
Washi tape :- Stampin' Up!
Gems :- Hobby House.

It was so quick and easy that  made another one with different paper and tape.

I've really been making an effort to get my cards made this week. Next week I'm out for two Christmas meals. Monday with the Guild and Wednesday with the WRI so I'd best keep on and get the cards done. Then I've only got to print the address labels, write the cards, put them in the envelopes, stick on the stamps and post them. Why are we girls lucky enough to be in charge of Christmas? Might get hubby roped in to do the stamps and envelopes.

Sorry I haven't been around or done much visiting. When this mobile broadband dongle thingy works it works really well, unfortunately sometimes the 3G signal isn't strong enough to let me online even though I'm supposedly connected. So I've given in and arranged for normal wi-fi broadband but I won't have it until the 16th, I hope!! I phoned about it on the 1st. Don't know why they have to take so long. When my phone was cut off earlier last month, their mistake since I only cancelled the broadband I had to wait a full two weeks to be reconnected and very helpfully with a new number. How inconvenient is that!!?

Anyway I'll catch up later after work. Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Thanks for looking and if you can spare a minute to leave a comment I'd be really happy. I know everyone's very busy just now but it's nice to know someone's looked at my post even if they don't like my card.

Kat xx