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Sunday, 8 November 2009


I made this last night for Poppy to hang in her room. Whether the baby gets one or not depends on his (?) name lol. I'm sure I should be able to turn this round but I have no idea where to start. The DP is some lovely K&Co Brenda Walton double sided baby paper. I love it, the colours are lovely and soft. I have a baby boy pad too and soon I may be able to use it.

I made a close up of one of the letters to show the lovely flowers on the green paper. The pink has pretty little flowers too. I've kept it quite simple and just added some pale green pearls and some punched out flowers to the letters. I made the holes with the "Big Bite" and tied the squares together with some thin, pink organza ribbon. Nearly forgot the squares are beer mats that a friend got from someone. Originally she showed us how to make a standing or hanging NOEL decoration. I edged the squares with an Adirondack dabber in pink sherbet.
Poppy's room has a lot of pink in it so hopefully this will fit in with her curtains and cot covers. Hopefully I will see her soon. She is staying with her other granny just now who lives nearer her than we do. She doesn't know what is about to hit her!!!
I don't know whether to make tea today or not. With Catriona being in hospital just now I don't know when we can visit her. I haven't heard from my son-in-law for a couple of hours......I expect he doesn't want to leave Catriona.
I'm going to try to do something now to take my mind off things. See you all soon.
Kat xx


  1. I adore this wall hanger you made for Poppy, oh Kat it's perfect...and a great help to me too. My Neice is One this month and I wanted to make something as well as a card.
    Thankyou for sharing this wonderful keepsake, it's beautiful,Poppy will love it.

  2. This is fabulous Kat. I want some beer mats now! You know when you see something and you just have to have a go a making one yourself.
    I hope you've heard from the hospital now.
    Clare x

  3. wow!! This is beautiful! Love the soft colours and the sparkly ribbon! fab!!

  4. Oh this is sooo lovely, I bet it'll look perfect in Poppy's room :o) Really hope you get some good news soon xx


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