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Saturday, 7 November 2009

Bad Blogger!

I've been a really bad blogger this week! I've managed to do my Totally GorjussDT card and not a lot else. I was at a crop this afternoon at my local craft shop and didn't achieve much. I was at the theatre last night and didn't have time to sort out what I was going to do. So I ended up hurtling out of the house this morning on the way to work with lots of stuff I didn't need lol! I started making a little hanging for Poppy with her name. I've finished it now and if I can get a photo tomorrow I will post it to see what you think. I am quite pleased with it and I hope she likes it.

Catriona has now gone into hospital and my son-in-law has phoned to say she is comfortable, being well looked after and he has been sent home. So now I need to add inserts to their card and Poppy's card too. I also need to make a card for the other grandparents. I had made a few cards including one for a friend who became a granny two weeks ago. Unfortunately I gave my friend the wrong one! I still have 2 cards but both have the same sweet Whiff of Joy image of Willow with her baby. What an idiot! I got a new Messy Rabbit baby stamp the other day and I don't know whether to use it or one of the lovely Pink Gem baby stamps.

I hope to have some news soon for my lovely bloggy friends who have all left such kind and supportive comments about this baby. I'm off now to make some inserts for these cards and hopefully start one for the other grandparents.

See you tomorrow unless I'm somewhere else LOL!!

Kat xx


  1. Hope all goes well, you might as well keep busy as it will be difficult to relax now!!
    hugs Angela x

  2. Best of luck, i am sure it wont take long now before there is a pattering of tiny feet in your home. Very hard to do any crafting when you have such an exciting event waiting to unfold

  3. Hi Hon,

    You have such a lot of exciting things going on at the mo!! We all realise that there is more to life than blogging, and that at sometimes we just have too much to fit in..I have had a mad hectic week, have not had anything to post for a while and just get to snatch brief moments to nip into blogland! Hope all goes well with catriona! Hugs Juls


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