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Friday, 27 January 2012


Nightmare right enough. No wonder people say technology is all right as long as it's working!!

On Wednesday evening I was minding my own business doing something crafty and I thought my laptop was minding its' own business too! I looked over and it had a black screen and the writing at the top said " no internal  hard disc detected". What!!! And that was it nothing was happening with it. Thursday nothing happening. Sent texts to my son for advice. Still nothing. He came out at night and had a look and decided that I definitely needed a new hard disc. So I trotted off to PCW and came home with a pretty new hard disc. Put it in, fixed all the little screws and tried to boot up the laptop. Nothing. Fought with it till time to go to work. Tried again after tea with advice from son. Eventually got it working. What next? Can you guess? Of course you can! No internet. Didn't seem to want to acknowledge the existence of my wireless broadband. After a lot of muttering and threats about laptop wearing a nice new black overcoat I eventually got online.

So now I'm behind with commenting and DT work. Luckily I got my DT card posted on the DT blog before all this happened. So if I haven't been visiting any of my favourite blogs it's not that I didn't want to or was too busy it was technology or lack of it that prevented me.

Now I'm off to try to schedule a post for tomorrow. I'll have to try to find the software for my camera so I can download my photos again. I'll always need to find some anti-virus software. 

See you tomorrow and hopefully I'll be in a better mood by then lol!


  1. Not good Kat, hopefully your weekend will run smoother. Good luck. Carolxx

  2. What a nightmare Kat, your braver than me, mine would have gone out the window by now lol

  3. Your not having much luck just now with your computer Kat hope it will be sorted and you can get back into the swing of things. Aud x

  4. argh! how frustrating for you Kat! hopefully things are working again now and you can begin to catch up.
    hugs, annie x


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