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Saturday, 9 January 2010

New Stash!

Well we got my daughter dropped off at her work and if the snow stays we probably won't see her for a week. We also went to Tesco in Aberdeen. Couldn't believe what the shelves were like. Even a store as big as that has really taken a hit - there were empty spaces everywhere. I thought it was bad in our village shop but I didn't expect to see Tesco like that.

What I didn't have time to tell you earlier was that when I struggled home from work I discovered that the postie had been. I think the last time we had a postie was about Monday. He/she has struggled through the snow before that. To give them a little plug I think they have done and are doing a great job in this horrendous weather especially the ones who do country areas, small villages and towns. Our nearest village is awful and even a nearby town has dreadful roads and pavements. I had a chap posting parcels today and when I said the labels were for free courier return and not free Royal Mail return he muttered that couriers never turn up to take stuff back and he would just pay. I digress.....as usual. The postie brought me parcels from Craft Obsessions, Sir Stampalot and the Glitter Pot. So I have lots of new goodies - stamps and papers and a new McGill ticket punch. I even got the new Hero Arts 2010 catalogue - wow - I must find time for a good look at it.

I also had a Christmas card from a friend. Yes you did read that correctly! I wondered what had happened to it. She can be a bit scatty. I once got a parcel from her that had no trace of postage!! I can only assume there must have been something at one time as even she could not have posted a parcel without stamps. The card had got mislaid when she put up her decorations and she found it when she put them past. She has recently become a Granny again too so I have and excuse to make a couple of baby girl cards.

I need to go now and look at my soup pot as I am in the middle of making stock for soup.

See you tomorrow.

Kat x

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