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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Thanks Everyone.

Hi girls, just a quick post to say some thank yous. First of all thanks to everyone who said Happy Birthday and Anniversary for last Thursday. Much appreciated!

I also want to thank everyone who has been kind enough to say sorry to hear about the death of my little dog, Lucy. We'll really miss her, 14 years is a long time to have a dog. In spite of some of the things that have happened to her she always loved going to the vet's. She got a broken leg while playing with my son's friend as a puppy. She had a toe removed once as it had a nasty lump that no-one noticed - Spaniels have very hairy feet and having a toe removed is apparently quite common! 7 years ago she was very ill and nearly died. She ended up on steroid tablets which were gradually cut down until she was off them competely. The vet who put her to sleep said he had never known a dog to have been so ill and yet be able to come off the steroids. Very determined little dog our Lucy. Definitely a people dog, she just loved people. In the vet's surgery at the end she was still the same. One clap and she was anybody's. As we say here in Scotland Maddy is still a bit "hingin luggit". Droopy eared doesn't give the same impression but I expect you know what I mean lol!

So thanks again everyone you've all been so kind. I wish I could thank you all individually but we're still working at Mhairi's flat. Today I've been pasting wallpaper and I'm sure some of you must know how much fun that is!

Kat xx


  1. big hugs sent your way i have a dog and it must be so hard as they become a member of the family don't they i am soso sorry for your loss and please just remember all the good and fun times you had with your little Lucy god bless her xx

  2. Oh babes, I am so sorry to hear the news, bless her little heart. My Mollie has been in heaven for three years now so I'll have a word and ask her to look out for Lucy so she can show her around and keep her company.
    Sorry too to have missed your birthday hun.
    Hugs, Sxxx

  3. oh kat I am so sorry to hear about Lucy...sending you big hugs.....kath xxx

  4. I am so sorry to hear about your Lucy. Our dog was quite sick a couple of weeks ago and that was not fun! You get so attached to those fur balls. My thoughts are with you that is for sure.

  5. oh Kat I am so sorry I didn't stop by before and hear about your sad loss. Sending you big hugs and the wish that one day we will meet our friends again across the Rainbow Bridge.
    love and hugs,
    annie x

  6. Hi Kat, just wanted to say thanks for the link and good luck in the draw....

    I have been up to my elbows in paint again...skirting boards are not my fav, you have to be too carefull, not helped today by poking myself in the eye putting out the bin, I tried to move some of the boxes James recieved car body bit's for and came off worse than them...

    Thanks again for the link Kat, I wasn't too sure about selling but too many new things I want so if they get a good home thats good enough for me

    I hope Maddy is doing ok, dog's are not as dumb as some might think and know more than we can imagine, so I bet its strange and shes missing her pal Lucy

    Take care

  7. big hugs for you Kat...keep you chin up
    Mina xxx

  8. awe Kat. I've just seen your post. I know when I called last Thurs you said Lucy was going to the vets on Saturday. It is always sad to loose a dog as I know they are valued family members. Hope your other dog isn't feeling too lost. Sending you big ((hugs))

  9. I'm soo sorry to hear your sad news,it's heartbreaking when we lose our furry friends..But it's nice to remember all the love they brought to us..
    Mandy xx


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