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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mothers' Day.

Happy Mothers' Day everyone whether you're a Mum or not. I am spending my usual Sunday afternoon blog hopping, making the tea and trying to decide whether I'll do my ironing now or later!

I thought I'd share some photos with you. Catriona sent me a photo of Poppy with my card and present. But no Oliver! So I dropped a hint and she emailed me a couple of photos. This 1st one is a photo of a photo since I don't have a scanner. Poppy, now aged 2yrs and about 3 and a half months is playing on the chute somewhere near Crieff Hydro which is just up the road from them. She seems to be enjoying herself lol. I think the only bit of her swing, chute, pirate boat etc that Grampa has built in her back garden is the chute. There are so many bits that I think it's a 6 man job for about a fortnight not a 1 man job for about a year lol!!

Here is Oliver aged now almost 18 weeks. He is a beautiful baby.....not that I'm biased of course. Very good natured and happy and good at sleeping all night. Very important to the average Mum of a young baby.
Look at that smile....I think he's going to be a real heart-breaker!

Just a quick update about my WRI show yesterday. Our co-operative entry was not among the prize winners though some of the items got good marks. My winter birthday card got 9 out of 10 so I was quite pleased about that. My Get Well card was unplaced but that was no surprise as it was a popular category and there were lots of cards. Many of them were of the Dawn Bibby press out and stick on style. I like to make my cards from scratch! Often I get lazy and use a ready made sentiment from Craftwork Cards but apart from that I usually do stamping and colouring and often punch flowers etc. A lot were decoupage which can be quite a lot of work and always looks impressive. The 1st place went to one made using Iris folding and apart from a flower and leaf there was nothing else on it!
To my great surprise I got Highly Commended for a small knitted beanie hat. This was knitted to a set pattern and is to be donated to Equip India who will distribute them to small children. Our knitted item is usually donated to some charity, different every year. I was a bit shocked as while my knitting was probably ok I wasn't that happy with my sewing up. Apart from that it is another category which always has a lot of entries. Still I was just happy to get a ticket lol!
I didn't have a crochet entry because I have completely lost my crochet cotton. I had boxes of cotton that my Aunt got for me years ago from someone who worked in J&P Coats. I'm sure I wouldn't have thrown it out but I think we've looked everywhere. There was no cross stitch category this year or I would probably have done something for that and I couldn't be bothered to get an action photo of an animal. I just spend so much time making cards now as that is what I enjoy most! I would knit more but it's the sewing up that puts me off!!
QVC is on in the background just now on the off chance that there is anything interesting on the 3 hours of craft this afternoon. I often check out anything I fancy to see where I can find it cheaper!
Best do some ironing now so that I can check out the entries on Totally Gorjuss and Just Cute Bears and maybe even get a little bit of crafting done.


  1. Hi Kat, you are a dark horse...why don't you share all your other creation's...

    I must shamefully admit I used to think sewing, knitting and other such craft's never really interested me in the past, and only now really have learned to appreciate all the work that goes into it, I was never creative growing up, my drawing is terrible and I only ever got to basic grip's with crochet squares, I did some when the kid's were baby's....but don't think I could remember how these day's...

    I adore the pic's...they are a couple of lovely kid's, I bet your so proud and spoil them....

    I think I will have a peep at QVC, I am hoping to go to the NEC this month, it's mine and Pete's 20th anniversary so he's has booked the time off....bless him... he asked me what I would like and he's taking me to the show...

    You take care kat....with all our DT work lately we very rarely have time to catch up...

  2. Hi hun :o) Sounds like most of the prizes went to the kit cards as you suspected, such a shame! Hope you've had a lovely day - mine has been slightly irritating with one over-excited (eldest) boy and the other one teething and at his grumpiest! Morgan did make me a lovely card though, bless him. Lovely pics of your grandchildren :o) Lisa x

  3. two little cuties....gorgeous babes and don't be too disappointed that your fabulous cards didn't win....there is no accounting for taste....give me the stamped cards any day over the Dawn Bibby Decoupage...big hugs kath xxxx


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