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Saturday, 24 December 2011

My Favourite Christmas Card.

Not, I hasten to add one that I made! No, this is Poppy's creation.

She drew this picture at Nursery and then it was made into Christmas cards. I'll need to find out on Monday what it's all about. Not sure if that's Poppy in the picture with a tree and a present. I think that may be an attempt at her name at the top right.

Today I have been busy with housework but yesterday I iced my cake and decorated it today. It doesn't look very pretty but I'm hoping it tastes ok.

So that's all the food made except a pudding. Mhairi wants Tiramisu so I bought gluten free madeira cake to make it as she's wheat intolerant. I also have the old standby meringues. I made meringue nests and meringues to take to Catriona's on Boxing Day. I've also got lots of mince pies, shortbread, gluten free shortbread and 2 kinds of tablet. I've had a lovely time baking and now I really want to buy a new Kenwood. Mine died some time ago and I thought I didn't need a new one. I was wrong!

Work was reasonably quiet yesterday except for people wanting to take out money. It was nice to have time to read the papers again. I'm hoping that today will be similar. The last few weeks have been pretty busy so it'll be nice to get back to normal. I'm sure the posties are pretty tired to and looking forward to a couple of days off.

On Thursday I got a few last minute bits and pieces. Sweeties, nuts etc. Then Max found my stuff and stole a net of chocolate money and ate the lot. He managed to spit out all the foils though. What a dog! I did try to tell him that chocolate is really bad for dogs but he just wagged his tail at me.

I'm a bit narked at Marks & Spencer just now. The other day I decided to order pjs for Poppy & Oliver's stocking present. Having had bother before with ordering items that are claimed to be in stock and then they send out the order with something missing and tell you oh by the way one item is out of stock. That would be bad enough but the twice it happened to me before the order was for wedding presents. Since I've had problems before I deliberately ordered 2 pairs of pjs which both said more than 10 available. Two days later I got an email saying my order was on it's way. But one pair of pjs was not mentioned and no reason given. I checked and they were in stock. Puzzling! So I emailed to complain. At least a day later they emailed claiming that they had been out of stock when the order was made up. But they would refund the postage so that I could re-order. Well thanks for the refund but I wasn't going to order again, apart from the fact that it was too late for Christmas by then. So Mhairi went into Markies after work tonight and phoned me to check that she was buying the right thing. About a couple of years ago, the first time this happened I asked Markies why this happened. I can't see why they don't reduce the number of items in stock every time somebody orders one. It would save you thinking you were buying something and then not getting it!

Sorry about the rant but it makes me really mad. Does it just happen to me or has it happened to any of you?

Have a lovely Christmas everyone. We're having a week off at Totally Gorjuss. I might or might not have time to post but I'll be popping around the blogs to see what everyone's up to.

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