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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Some Quick Cards.

Hi everyone, hope everyone is well and looking forward to Christmas. It is still very snowy here and we had some more snow showers today. It is also very cold. Even colder in my house as we have no heating. Over the last couple of weeks we've been turning the heating lower and lower all over the house but for the last 3 days we've had none at all. Lots of fun when it's so cold. My husband has even been getting up during the night to run the water to make sure it doesn't freeze. The road has also been very bad and I'm not sure I'd have got over to my work this morning if I'd had to drive myself. Hubby was speaking to our neighbour at the farm and he had run out of oil too and was very lucky to get it the other day. He very kindly gave us some of his oil but now we can't get our boiler lit again!! When hubby spoke to the oil distributor the other day they said we had been down to get oil on Tuesday but the driver ran out of hours so we had been put to the end of the queue! I was absolutely furious when I heard that. How could anybody be so cruel not to mention stupid. I don't know about you but I would have thought it would be more sensible to start at the next customer after where you had to stop. We also know from our neighbour that tankers are going back to their depot half-full as they can't get access to some places. How daft is that. You'd think it would be more sensible to ask the drivers what places they know they'll be able to reach. After all these guys visit these places all the time. We've been loyal customers of our supplier for about 30 years since we were in Lanarkshire and since my late father-in-law bought oil from them. I'm not sure I want to stay with them now after this.

What upsets me most is that we were going to spend Christmas with my daughter and son-in-law and grandkids and of course our other daughter and son. Obviously if we have no heating we can't go away and leave the house cos with our luck we'd come back to burst pipes. So I'm feeling a bit low to say the least.

Sorry to be a pain. I'd like to show you some of the cards I haven't had time to blog. Then I'm going to do some knitting to try to take my mind off all my cold bits lol!

The first two are using LOTV cute squares and various embossing folders. These cute squares have been invaluable as time got shorter and shorter.

I made this card using the cute LOTV James bear for my boss to give her grandson for his 1st Christmas.
Some quick cards I made using a sheet of DP, a sentiment stamp some snowflakes and glitter. I got this idea from some cards Carol. Thanks for the inspiration Carol I managed to make some quick cards in time to get them posted for the last recommended day for 2nd class.
 These were quite quick too. More of these embossing folders and that large Martha Stewart snowflake punch.
 More of these quick cards like the 4 above.
For this one I just embossed lines on the card, added the image, some ribbon, card candy and a sentiment. I love these new LOTV round sentiments.
 Another 4 simple cards using LOTV cute squares.

A baby card made using another LOTV cute square. This was for friends who became grandparents recently.
Tomorrow I'll show you the cards I made for my kids and grandkids and the last Christmas cards of all. I might even manage a pic of my 2 lovely black pups.

Thanks for looking.


  1. what a shame!!! I do hope you manage to get your heating sorted in time!!!

    Wow you have been busy on the card making front!!!! They all look just fabulous!!!! Loving all your work....Love the white on white, it is always so luxurious!!!......also loving the red and white together...

    Take care, hope you manage to keep warm somehow!

    Hugs Juls

  2. Gourgeous cards Kat, I haven't made many this year, I don't know where the weeks have gone??

    Hope things do improove soon, a friend of ours joined a huge queue at the local oil depot to get more oil today. We have had some of the coldest waether this past week, -14C, the waste pipe from the bath was frozen solid & the outside tap (which is wrapped) started to leak inside the cupboard??? So I would be cautious, leaving home in this weather, although I wouldnt mind somewhere warmer right now its snowing again!

    Take care ans stay safe, hugs
    Angela x

  3. Oh Kat, no laughing matter is it, don't know much about it but ours had a reset button that had to be reactived for the deisel to flow. Our deisel froze yesterday and the Rayburn growned to a halt, thankfully the repair man came in afternoon, thankfully we do have fires to fall back on. Love your cards and glad to help with the inspiration. Sending you a big cosy hug. Carolxx

  4. Wow, what a great crafting !!! lots of cards you've made there !! pretty !
    wish you a merry christmas,
    greetings, martina

  5. Oh Kat, hunny, I hope you manage to get some warmth for Christmas - it'll be no fun wearing forty seven layers of thermals. Your cards are gorgeous sweetie (as always) and I'd be hard pressed to choose a favourite, they are all so good. Thank you for all your kind words and friendship - I will still be around and blogging, just not as intensively for a while. Have a good one, and speak soon. Hugs, Sxx

  6. Oh poor Kat, I am so sorry for you! I hope things get better and you can have nice moments despite everything. Your cards are gorgeous and I am so impressed at the number you have made! Lots of hugs, Delphine xx

  7. Hi Kat, This is Kat! I have a question if you don't mind- I'm new to cardmaking, but how did you make the polar bear card? It is so great!


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