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Friday, 24 December 2010

Max and Blue.

As promised here's an update on the pups. Now just over three months old and getting big! And of course cheeky lol!!

I'm not sure that the 2 pics of the pups with their hide chews are 2 different pups or the same pup in 2 different places! You sometimes have to see the colour of the collar to see what pup's doing what. In the 3rd pic you can see that there are two of them. We eventually settled on Blue and Max. Max wears the red collar! They are very playful and cheeky and do everything together. Great pals but they love to fight too! They're pretty good and they love all this snow. I'd like to get some pics of them in the snow but they're never at peace long enough to get a pic.

Just a wee update on our heating problem. Just before 10am this morning I saw the oil tanker heading our way. Then the phone rang and the driver said he was frightened to come in in case he got stuck. You have to come in a track that goes out to fields to get to our drive. It's not very far but the driver was worried about the verges being soft. Usually they drive in to us and reverse out so he could easily have got stuck. Hubby phoned our neighbour to ask if he had a barrel and he said he'd find something. They filled a tank he uses to take diesel to the combine when he's harvesting and now hubby has to transport the oil to our tank but at least we have oil. Eventually after a lot of effort and bits all over the garage floor he got the boiler lit. But there was a leak! After a lot of time and doing whatever you need to do to fix it he thinks it is either leak free or only a tiny leak. So fingers crossed! The only thing that'll stop us going to Catriona's for Christmas is the snow!! So again fingers crossed.

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas.


  1. Oh my I am in love with your pups!
    So adorable you must love them so!
    So glad you have heating at last!
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!
    kim x

  2. oh God, as long as you're warm and safe Kat
    the pups are gorgeous - think i might have to get a wee playmate for oor Pepsi
    have a great xmas

  3. Glad the oil got through and hope you got to Catriona's. Boys are looking lovely. Have a Happy New Year.

  4. Aww they're just adorable Kat :o) I bet they're lots of work though! So glad you got your heating sorted out, hope you've had a lovely Christmas. Lisa x

  5. Morning Kat,
    Both puppies are gorgeous...Bet they run you ragged...lol

    Its good to hear you have some oil though what a task it must have been, I bet thats the only downside living where you are. All the snow here has melted, I just hope we have seen the last of it though I bet not.
    I hope you get to visit the family now.
    Stay safe and warm andd all the best to you and your family for 2011

  6. Hi Kat,

    Thanks for sharing pictures of your handsome pups.

    I'm glad you have some warmth now.

    I hope you had a great Christmas. Best wishes to you and yours for 2011.

    Hugs, Clare x

  7. Hey Kat what cute cute pups!!
    We always had black labs whilst I grew up, great dogs (hungry dogs! lol)
    Glad to read you got your heating fixed, what a palava!
    Happy New Year when it comes :O)

    Hugs Nina xx

  8. thanks for sharing pics of the adorable pupsters....can they come and stay with Buddy for their holidays....great news that you are all now toasty and warm...big hugs kath xxx

  9. Im so glad you finally got jeat Kat...your pups are so gorgeous
    Mina xxx

  10. ooo I missed seeing your gorgeous pup pics! those two certainly look like a handful! I hope you had a lovely, and warm, Christmas.
    hugs, annie x

  11. was sorry to read about your beloved girl.
    what cute wee boys!!! you will have your hands full but great fun with them.
    lots of love teen & co xx


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