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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Sorry Everyone!

Hi girls,

sorry I've been a bad blogger and not visited anyone for a few days. We were babysitting for my daughter from Friday to Monday. So not much time for blogging with a seven and a half month baby and a two year 7 month toddler. And of course Catriona forgot to give me the password to use their broadband so my laptop was not a lot of use to me. Before I went I only had time to do my DT cards and schedule the posts and comment as far as I could. Now I need to catch up with this week's commenting and do next week's DT work. I really wish I had time to catch up with all my favourite blogs but I don't think their are enough hours in the day. If I don't manage to visit you today then I will try really hard tomorrow!

Kat xx


  1. take it easy Kat and remember to breath!
    take care,
    hugs, annie x

  2. No pressure, Kat! We all know what it is like and we all have moments when we can't visit as much as we would like to... And I won't be able to visit my favourite blogs really soon and for almost 3 weeks (and that will be so long!!)... Hugs Delphine xx

  3. Hi Kat,
    Yes Kat, take it easy, no ones going to be upset if you miss a couple of posts, like me I think because we get to know people better we worry about not being there each time they post, but I think we need to get a grip and realize there is no way we can do it all the time, as much as we would like too....

    I have found it really hard lately and not blogged much at all, it does make you feel guilty but what can you do....

    Try not to worry about it though, everyone understands...


  4. Hi Kat,
    I hope you had a great time baby sitting although it must have been very tiring, I find chasing around after one youngster work enough!
    Hugs, Clare x

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