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Thursday, 20 August 2009


I hope some of you experienced bloggers can help me! I have a profile photo which sometimes shows up when I leave a comment on a post. But - when I join someone's blog as a follower I just get that anonymous silhouette that goes on at the end of your list of followers. I follow lots of blogs but I don't actually have many followers. Now that may be (and probably is) because my blog is a bit boring and people don't want to follow it!! Or it may be because the people I am following don't know I am following them. It's probably the first reason but I would still like to have a follower piccie even a symbol would be better than nothing. I'm sure I'm missing something but blogger help is absolutely no help. It can only tell me how to add a photo to my profile or how to upload photos. Even I know how to do those two things lol. So I'd really appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction please. Thanks in anticipation of help. I know crafty bloggers are a helpful bunch.

Kat x


  1. Soz Kat, I cant help with that one I am not technicaly minded at all, I think I share the same blank silhoutte as you!! I just wanted to leave you a message to say I dont find your blog boring at all! I love it and think your cards are gorgeous!! have a good weekend! Hugs Juls!!

  2. Hiya
    Didn't realise you were in Ellon!! Love the Craft Hoose!!
    My pic is the one I downloaded ages ago when I set up my blog, it automatically follows me everywhere!!! So not sure as you have a pic here but it's Poppy - this is the one I have so maybe you need to upload your own one - not sure though..Dawn


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