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Friday, 7 March 2014

Slap fingers for me!

Sorry for being such a terrible blogger this last week. Well even worse than usual. I've managed to do my DT commenting but that's all. I've hardly even switched the laptop on. I haven't had a good week healthwise and in fact I didn't even get to work last Saturday morning. First time I've ever been off work ill in nearly 18 years. I'm pretty annoyed with myself for having to have a day off but there was no way I could have worked. On the plus side I have worked every day I'm supposed to from Monday till today. I'll explain soon though. I just hope you don't all leave me!!

Kat xx


  1. Hope all is well Kat, Hugs xx

  2. Look after yourself

    Patricia xx

  3. oh hun please do not worry just look after your self health more important hugs Cherylxxx

  4. Oh Kat please don't worry about your followers, just concentrate on getting your self better. I will be popping back when you are feeling up to blogging again as I'm sure most other people will be. You take care..
    Big hugs Kelly

  5. Your health comes first, your followers will always be there for you. Big hugs.

    Wilma x x


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