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Sunday, 11 March 2012


Hi everyone, I've scheduled this as I'm off to the craft show at the SECC in Glasgow today. My friend and I were getting our bus at 6.30, and we're not the first on! I've not really been blogging this week because I had a WRI group show yesterday. My little branch is one of nine WRIs that come together competitively every March.    I don't usually show baking or produce but somehow this year I decided to bake and ended up spending the whole of Friday morning baking and making tablet and chutney. But it was worth it. When my friend and I went in yesterday morning and started to look around I was really surprised to find that I had got 3rd place for what they call Swiss milk toffee  - where I come from we would call it tablet. Then 3rd for my gluten free cheese biscuits. These will be popular with my younger daughter who is wheat intolerant, especially since she loves cheese. And I was even more surprised to find a 3rd place ticket on my Caramelised Onion Relish. As you can imagine by this time I was a very happy bunny. But the biggest surprise was getting 1st place for my no bake traybakes. I made Rocky Road because it always turns out well and everyone loves it. My friend only joined the WRI this session and this was the first time she had showed so she was really pleased to get two tickets. I was really chuffed for her because it's encouraging to get a place or even a highly commended for your troubles. We did reasonably well with our co-operative table. We were only let down by one item out of the six. I got 9 1/2 out of 10 for my congratulations card. I'll put it on when I get a photo taken.

What a waffle but it explains where I've been all week. Knitting and sewing up. Needless to say I didn't get anywhere with my knitting but all the jumpers are to be sent to Romania so at least it's of some use to someone. I knitted a hat too and it'll be going off too after our own mini show on Wednesday.

Catch up with you all tomorrow and I might even tell you what I bought at the SECC !!


  1. have fun, look forward to seeing all your goodies!! hugs Juls

  2. Oooh...well done you!
    Hope you have a fun day...looking forward to seeing your haul! lol
    Helen x

  3. Hope you have a good day Kat and act with all the spending restraint I would, which leaves it all pretty open.

    B x

  4. Oohh,, I wish I was joining you for a crafty shop :-) I am sure you'll have a fab time and get a few nice bits n bobs :-)

    Well done for all you bakes too !! :-)

    Lols x x x

  5. Hope you have had a good day. We were there on Thursday and it was pretty quiet so plenty of opportunities to watch some demos and browse at leisure.

  6. Well done Kat on all your prizes, hope you enjoyed the craft show, Aud x

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