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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Totally Gorjuss 204 - Anything Goes plus Stars.

Hello there. I'm a bit late with my post for Totally Gorjuss. I don't think I've ever been as late as this but my broadband has been a complete nightmare.  In the last few weeks it has gone from being really bad to completely impossible. Most evenings I've been unable to get online and even in the morning I can't get online either. Since I was working full time for the last two weeks I haven't seen much online at all. Luckily I can use my iPad at lunchtime at work as the 3G signal is better there than it is at home so at least I've been able to keep up with my DT commenting. Unfortunately I haven't seen much at all of my favourite blogs and I'm sure anyone who visits me must think I've given up blogging!

I'm at my daughter's for 4 days to do the school run with Poppy and pick up Oliver from nursery so now I can get online. I have tried my broadband helpline but after 30 mins and not getting through, 45 minutes another day and being told to run 3 speed tests over 24 hours and get back to them and to crown it all nearly an hour the next day and getting someone who obviously didn't know anything!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure you can imagine how I reacted when he said "everything looks fine from here."

But enough of my woes, here's the card I should have blogged on Saturday.

I used:-
Image:- Oh dear!!! I've forgotten, I can picture the packaging so maybe I'll go and have a look at some online shops to see if I can find it. Phew I was right when I thought it was from Woodware, I just didn't want to say it was and then find I'd got it wrong lol!
Just stamped very simply with SU markers and some sparkle added to the stars.

I'm going to quit while I'm ahead here and get back to my crochet. I must show you what I've been making. Probably tomorrow! 

I'm off to check my camera to make sure I've got a photo of next weeks Totally Gorjuss card so I can schedule next Saturday's post while I'm here with decent Internet access.

Thanks for looking. I hope somebody visits me in spite of me being such a bad blogger recently.

Kat xx


  1. Oh dear - what a nightmare for you!

  2. Fab card Kat! Glad you've managed to get online at last, hope you can get your internet sorted soon - it's very frustrating when it doesn't work properly. Hugs, Lisa x

  3. Great card Kat! I can't imagine not having the internet! I even pay an extra £5 a month to 3 so I can tether it to my lappy, just in case!
    Good luck sorting it!
    Lizy xx

  4. Dodgy broadband comes with the territory I think Kat, our is the same, nearest neighbours two fields away but I would far rather that than live in the middle of a town.

    Hope you enjoy your trip to your daughters and seeing the grandchildren.

    B x

  5. Enjoy your visit at your daughters Kat, hope you've got better weather than us today, perfect day for sitting inside and crocheting. I'd love to see what you are making.
    Great card and lovely Christmas stamp.
    Have fun, hugs Erika.

  6. Good evening Kat, oh! what a bother for you.
    Never mind, they keep telling us that we will get "fast" broadband in the rural ares they just did not say "when"

    Your card is elegantly simple, I really like it.
    Have a Great Weekend

    Patricia xxx


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