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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Look what I made.......!!!!

While I've been struggling to get online I've still been busy. I haven't done a lot of crocheting for quite a while but I became "hooked" (sorry) again recently after a knit and crochet group started locally. I've made a few little crochet jackets to send to Malawi and this cosy blanket. I'll show you the jackets another day if my broadband allows! Speaking of broadband I started this last night (Tuesday) but I couldn't download the picture so I'm trying again now!

Success at last, though it did take a few tries before I got it downloaded. Maybe I'll go and catch up with some DT work if I can now.

Thanks for looking. My next blanket is done in grannie squares. If I can give it up though cos I'm using colours I really like!


  1. Gosh it is ages since did any crocheting on this scale. Might just have look at what yarns I have in my box.
    I love yours it has given some inspiration to have a go again.
    Love the colours you have used.
    What a "bummer" all the carry on you have with your Broadband connection. Hope it improves in the future.

    Patricia xxx

  2. What a really gorgeous project Kat - and bang on-trend too! Vicky x

  3. This is awesome Kat! I bet it took ages! I'm sure it will be very well received! :)
    Lizy xx


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